1: "High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to burn fat quickly."

2: "1. Jump Squats: Targeting legs and glutes, jump squats are key for fat burning."

3: "2. Burpees: Full body workout that torches calories and boosts metabolism."

4: "3. Mountain Climbers: Cardiovascular exercise that strengthens core and burns fat."

5: "4. Jumping Lunges: Great for toning legs and burning calories."

6: "5. Plank Jacks: Core-strengthening move that helps burn fat."

7: "6. High Knees: Elevates heart rate and burns calories fast."

8: "7. Box Jumps: Builds explosive power and burns fat."

9: "8. Russian Twists: Targets obliques and burns belly fat."

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