1: Indulge in a refreshing Chicken and Herb Salad with Nuoc Cham dressing for a burst of flavors.

2: Marinate the chicken with lemongrass and garlic, then grill to perfection.

3: Toss together crisp vegetables, fragrant herbs, and crunchy peanuts.

4: Drizzle with Nuoc Cham dressing for a tangy and spicy kick.

5: Savor the vibrant colors and textures of this healthy and satisfying salad.

6: Perfect for a light lunch or dinner, this dish is a crowd pleaser.

7: Elevate your salad game with this Vietnamese-inspired recipe.

8: Easy to prepare and full of delicious Vietnamese flavors.

9: Enjoy a taste of Southeast Asia with every bite of this Chicken and Herb Salad.