1: Indulge guilt-free with these seven super snacks during your Netflix marathon.

2: Chickpea popcorn, a crunchy and healthy alternative for movie nights.

3: Avocado toast bites, a delicious and satisfying snack for your binge-watching session.

4: Zucchini chips, a low-calorie option for satisfying your crunchy cravings.

5: Greek yogurt parfait, a protein-packed treat to keep you energized during your binge.

6: Sweet potato fries, a healthier alternative to regular fries for guilt-free snacking.

7: Fruit kabobs, a colorful and refreshing snack to munch on while watching your favorite shows.

8: Dark chocolate covered almonds, a sweet treat that's rich in antioxidants and satisfying.

9: Kale chips, a crispy and nutritious snack that's perfect for guilt-free munching during your Netflix marathon.