1: Secret #1: Baking Powder magic! Coat wings in a mix of baking powder and salt for an extra crispy texture.

2: Secret #2: Pat them dry! Removing excess moisture ensures wings cook up super crispy.

3: Secret #3: Cornstarch crunch. Dusting wings with cornstarch before baking creates a crispy coating.

4: Secret #4: High heat is key! Roast wings at a temperature of 425°F or higher for ultimate crispiness.

5: Secret #5: Double fry technique. Fry wings once at lower heat, then again at high heat for extra crunch.

6: Perfect pairings. Serve your crispy wings with tangy buffalo sauce or sweet honey mustard for maximum flavor.

7: Be creative! Experiment with different seasonings like garlic powder, smoked paprika, or lemon pepper for unique flavors.

8: Serve immediately. Enjoy your crispy chicken wings right out of the oven for the best texture and taste.

9: Don't forget the dip! Ranch dressing, blue cheese, or sriracha mayo make delicious accompaniments for your wings.