1: Try our creamy guacamole recipe for a crowd-pleasing appetizer or snack.

2: Indulge in avocado toast topped with a fried egg and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

3: Satisfy your sweet tooth with avocado chocolate mousse made with ripe avocados.

4: Make a refreshing avocado and shrimp ceviche with lime juice and cilantro.

5: Enjoy a creamy avocado pasta sauce tossed with spaghetti or your favorite noodles.

6: Whip up a protein-packed avocado smoothie with banana, spinach, and almond milk.

7: Grill avocado halves and stuff them with a zesty quinoa and black bean salad.

8: Bake avocado and egg breakfast cups for a simple and nutritious morning meal.

9: Finish off your meal with avocado key lime pie made with a buttery graham cracker crust.