1: "Spiralized Zucchini Noodles" Swap regular pasta for low carb zucchini noodles for a healthy alternative that's just as satisfying.

2: "Spaghetti Squash Pasta" Roast spaghetti squash and toss with your favorite sauce for a delicious low carb pasta substitute.

3: "Shirataki Noodles" Made from konjac yam, shirataki noodles are virtually calorie-free and perfect for low carb diets.

4: "Hearts of Palm Pasta" Try hearts of palm pasta for a unique, low carb option that's packed with vitamins and minerals.

5: "Cauliflower Rice" Use cauliflower rice as a base for pasta dishes, adding a nutritious and low carb twist.

6: "Broccoli Slaw Pasta" Use broccoli slaw as a pasta alternative, adding a crunchy, low carb element to your dish.

7: "Butternut Squash Noodles" Roast butternut squash noodles for a sweet and savory low carb pasta option.

8: "Mushroom Spaghetti" Replace traditional pasta with mushroom spaghetti for a low carb, umami-rich alternative.

9: "Edamame Pasta" High in protein and low in carbs, edamame pasta is a delicious alternative for pasta lovers.